11 comments on “Godzilla Reboot?

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    • Godzilla the animated series was the sequel to the movie, so a reboot is only logical, but I’m just suprised Toho is stupid enough to let Hollywood handle their creation again.

  2. I think that they’ve learned their lesson with GINO. They’ll probably stick with the REAL Godzilla. I’m honestly super excited for this.

    • I dont like any of those japaneese movies that are straight to DVD. Including Godzilla 2000.

      This Godzilla movie was really successful, its the most successful by a LANDSLIDE.

  3. i hope godzilla 2012 will be great but if legendary pictures srew it up
    like emmerick did toho will begin the real godzilla back in 2013
    i hope its a sequel of godzilla vs destroyah or something

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