2 comments on “Wost Movie Futures. Ever.

  1. I like the future in “Wall-E”. To me it shows us thats how thing very well may turn out. People are getting lazier, and depend more on technology to do activites. And eventually could lead to a future where we are all fat asses. I think “Wall-E” did a great job in showing that.

    I like the future in “Reing of Fire”. I don’t know there is just something about the idea of fighting dragons thats bad ass.

    • Oh I agree that its a very accurate future. Idiocracy in its way is also an accurate future. Wall-E has a great future…but its a horrible future to LIVE in, which is why its on this list.


      Dude was I the only person ever that loves that movie???? That would be my #6 best future to live in! lmao

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