6 comments on “Biggest Movie Fails

    • Are you serious?

      Slumdog was a BIG game, a known TV game.

      Risk could work as a war movie, Battleship could work as a submarine war movie…. WOW could be really cool s a LOTR type of movie…facebook could be a nice documentary… BUT monopoly, i dont see it lol

      • And I agree about the Facebook thing. My first thought as:
        “Oh no it’s gonna be some teen romance movie with Lohan or someone.”

        But after some thought, as a documentary, Facebook would be great.

  1. The Face Book movie is about the people who made face book and the book it’s based on is supposedly pretty interesting.

    Also it’s being directed by David Fincher which I think says a lot more about the movie than the title.

    • Yes, I thought about that and kinda trust it….

      Hey, what f they make Monopoly into a torture game “win and you dont die” SAW kinda movie?

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