7 comments on “Are Trailers Spoiling Movies?

  1. James you are right. And so are movie commercials man!!!! I was gonna make a video of that. Avatar seems predictable now.

  2. I really really wish they would just stop releasing the first 7 minutes of every movie online.

    On the plus side, better films usually have more artfully cut trailers. WtWTA and the Coen’s A Serious Man for instance.

    Whereas I’m pretty sure that the trailer for Law Abidding Citizen was a point for point plot outline into the middle of the third. But the film was such trash I couldn’t really complain.


    THANK YOU!!!

    Thats something I should have talked about, that is HUGE, Thank you for bringing it up.

    Like you said, whats up with movies releasing 10 minute footages now???

    If you add up the Posters, Trailers and footages alone (lets be fair and NOT count the illegal footages, because the studio takes those down) they ruin about 60% of every movie with advertisements

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