4 comments on “Retaliators Podcast Part 1

  1. My voice is so muffled. I sound like a fat Hobbit.

    Btw Aarons face is always tilted because hes trying to make it so the Mic and the Phone are both good xD

    Thanks for all your questions btw! I know i only asked one, but well ask the rest in the next podcast (promise, well get to way more questions) but we had to cut it short this time.

    For now send your questions in to our “TYPE IN YUR QUESTIONS HERE” grey box >>>—->>

    • lol dude.

      Yes thanks guys! Part 2 has been taken off due to audio problems (100 % my fault). Keep the questions coming for part 2.

  2. Lol

    Hey By the way, when we were talking about best picture, and I said UP was the second best of the year and you said “Well what’s first?”. Inglorious Basterds.

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