10 comments on “Late Paranormal Activity Review

  1. I do want to say James that I only gave the movie a 9 because the ending I saw and climax were great. I thought the majority of the movie was ok, I was prepared to give it a 6 but the climax bumped it up a whole notch. Yeah that dude was a douche. And not sure about the ending you saw but the one I saw


    Was where she gets shot by that cop. That was a WTF moment but anyway I loved the movie because of the climax.

  2. The ending was a slight improvement from the movie, that and the comedy gave it energy for the 35% but it was only good because of the possession

    She gets shot by a cop? When?

  3. Three endings, theatrical, like:

    1 guy saw one ending
    1 guy saw another
    1 dude saw the other.

    3 different screenings would have 3 different endings. Stupid right

  4. I was gonna go see it, then I heard it wasn’t as good as everyone was saying.

    By the way, has anyone here seen the film [REC]? That’s one of my favorite horror films.

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