9 comments on “Podcast #2

  1. Congrats dude.

    And I don’t even know Rain’s full name. Have you seen Ninja Assassin trailer, it looks good though,it’s directed by the same guy who directed V for Vendetta.

    • Thank you =] a lot more will come frequently cuz i see the podcasts is getting a beast amount of views already

      Oh hell yeah, broh I posted an article about it MONTHS ago, saying how this movie was SO under the radar (until recently) and yeah it looks good, what I love about it is how ORIGINAL and REAL the action is, watch the behind the scenes if you can find it, and youll see that the actors in this movie can do moves and stunts that are AMAZING. Like, parcour and karate, theyre REAL ninjas. Pretty acrobatic dudes.

      Oh and im sorry i singled you out, i didnt wanna ask your question, im SAVING IT FOR LAST lmao saving the best for last.

      • I wanna talk about it with Aaron though. I dont even know if he saw it- Aaron you better have seen it! I want our opinion on this movie heard! xD

        I also didnt talk much about Transformers and Twilight (sorry guys) ill wait on that as well, i gotta wait until theres news on Transformers 3 before i talk about it

  2. Oh and guys:

    Didnt mention this but this podcast is good to go if you have iTUNES so you can download it or if you have MP3. Whichever.

    You can download it in Facebook, Blogspot, Twitter, iTUNES, your mp3, i dont know- whatever the hel you have.

  3. I can’t find anyplace else to put this so I’m just putting it here.
    Did any of you guys saw the trailer of Dennis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson’s new action/horror movie Legion.
    I personally thought it was good, say something about it.

  4. If I have seen the Ninja Assassin trailer? Of course! That thing ROCKS!!!

    And James-Awesome you finally got it to work. Are we doing the podcast this way next time or the other?

  5. And I thought I saw a picture of you with Matt Damon somewhere. Lucky. And your mom saw Metalica? lol awesome.

    I’ve seen a lot of Rays players in person, including Roy Halladay on the Blue Jays, but the only other famous person (besides college football people) that I’ve seen in person is Derek Jeter. -.-

    Zero movie stars, but I have talked to Kristen Stewart briefly on Twitter about Comic Con, NO lie.

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