5 comments on “Podcast #3 “Fuck You Michael Cane”

  1. Dude awesome pic…photoshop me in there, I’m kidding. I was going to photoshop an image of me with LeBron while he’s on the court lol.

    Anyway, nice podcast

  2. I had problems while listening to your podcast about [awesome-awful]. They sounded similar and was hard to understand. So, can you just you know make it clear in the comment section[esp.Ben Foster].

    Nice Podcast by the way and awesome picture dude,its seriously Matt Damon.

    O and btw my name is pronounced Eefaz.

    • Ben Foster- Awesome
      Dennis Quaid- Awful (he used to be great, however)

      Yeah Ben Foster is fucking raw I like him

      Sorry! Lmao thank you for letting me know.

      BTW Michael Caine was ALSO the guy that said that Seymore Hoffman would play the penguin. This guy talks so much shit….

  3. One thing I would like to see added to Transformers 3 would The Covenant of Primus. They could insert that and have it fortell the coming of Unicron, The Destroyer. And SHOCKWAVE, SHOCKWAVE, SHOCKWAVE.

  4. BTW thank you meeboguest for making it complicated for me!

    ‘Name your favorite batman vilain NOT named Riddler”
    “Name your favorite transformer NOT named Unicron”

    Lol this guy and his complicated questions!

    Im just kiddin’, good questions. Lol it was just hard trying to get around the “Not named ____” part. xD

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