3 comments on “Podcast #5… New Moon

  1. Lol sorry I would’ve let you put the review up-but I wasn’t sure you were gonna see it today. I saw it at 1:15, it was extremely crowded. Then the showing after that, and the one after THAT, both sold out. Incredible, also, since it broke the midnight record…uh..could this thing beta TDK as far as opening weekend goes?

    Dude, I agree about rotten tomatoes, the 2.5/5 thing is a positive review. Yet they mark it as negative. I thought I was the only one to notice that.

    So, there were a lot of girls in my screening, none of them screamed (shockingly) but they did start talking when that happened. I actually agree that it was ripped off from X men, though I love the CGI and the editing. The fact that the directors changed turned out for the better this time. Kristen-WAY better. I was really surprised by that. Yeah man Taylor just…wasn’t acting. It felt more like “playing around” to me. The cracking thing now when vampries die, yeah I could see where you don’t like that but I thought it was cool. A really entertaining last 30 mins when it finally picked up.

    If only the rest of it was more fast paced..oh well. I came out with mixed feelings so I was waiting to do my review until I had a firm feeling on it. I thought they did a good job. I reallly wanna bump my score up to 7, but 6.8 because of how slow it was, though I knew what to expect. Your welcome for the script guys, anytime.

    Lol thanks dude for saying it was a good review. Oh also-VERY well filmed.

    • Aaron, its cool- my review wouldnt have been any different then yours =]

      Its not just about 2.5 being positive. LOTS of reviews say 80% yet they are EXTREMELY NEGATIVE!!! Also the negative reviews can have HEAVY positive input in them. RT misses this and their reviews are completely off and doesnt capture what the music is about because of this fact

      The movie DID have a good pace, for a romance. The romance was there from the first scene. And till the end, its a romance.
      Twilights pace should not be measured with the amount of action it has since its not an action movie. It was a romance, and the pace of this romance was phenomenal. Unlike most romances which need to introduce the characters…. Twilight already introduced them so New Moon’s romance was there 100% of the time, no introductions.

      OMG! When they showed wolves or vampires standing still you could nitpick the cgi on Edwads face and on the Wolfs. but only 2 times.

      BUT WHEN THE FIGHT SCENES WERE GOING ON, they were so well handled! When Paul fights Jacob and you see the teeth chipping it looked too fucking amazing.
      In the volturi scenes towards the end it also was top notch badass.

      • Cool.

        Yeah man I absolutely agree on everything. Wow, we actually agree on a film. Yeah the CGI on their faces was a little strange

        Oh man that Volturi fight scene made my day 😀

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