9 comments on “Podcast #6 (Christian Bale as a guest)

  1. Dude, thanks for the news of the Priest movie. I didn’t know such a wicked film was coming out, the cast looks awesome.

    If you are planning on watching Jennifer’s Body because of Amanda Seyfried, then don’t. I ignored everything and saw this movie and it sucks all kinds of ass.

    And what was the laughing sound in your Podcast.

  2. I’ve gotta news for you, its kind of related to a topic of your podcast.

    Eminem is starring in a new horror-anthology film ‘Shady Talez'[he is going to be a different character in every story], which is going to be sort of like Twilight Zone meets Creepshow. I forgot the source, so if you care the least bit then you can check it out on his imdb page.

    Now why I’m bringing this up is because I am happy to hear that Eminem is doing another movie. Not because he is my favorite musician, or not because Anthologies are my guilty pleasure, but because he was surprisingly good in 8 mile.
    It’s a proven fact that rappers turn out to be terrible actors[50 cent(O dear God),Ludacris,Will I Am & some else I don’t remember]. But you have got to admit there are good ones.
    1)Will Smith-If you’ve followed my comments on themovieblog then you know he is one of my top 3 favourite actors.
    2)Mark Wahlberg-If you’ve seen him in The Italian Job ,Four Brothers and The Yards, then you are a fan of him, not to mention he was good in other movies as well.
    3)Mos Def-I think this guy is underrated, he was awesome in 16 Blocks,The Italian Job, Next Day Air, Be Kind Rewind[this movie was awful].
    4)Common-He chooses minor roles and performs them well.
    So you get the point I’m trying to make.

    And by the way, I am so sorry that you have to read this painfully boring post of mine.

    • It will hold on for long, but I agree it wont beat The Dark knight

      Ironman 2, it CAN be succesful and it CAN fail. Its all up to how they market it.

      No matter how good the movie is, the first week will depend on how they manage the advertising.

      Its not going to fail, but it will either be a smashing success if they do good advertising, or it will be average ok if they do a horrible job of marketing it.

  3. JAMES HOLY CRAP DUDE! You guessed 140, and it’s got 140.

    Taylor Lautner-You know I said he did do alright. I just hate some of the cheese he had in his preformance, I never said he was awful. He was pretty funny.

    Lol James the Christian Bale part.

    Really sorry I haven’t been able to do podcasts lately dude. But when we start taking calls-yeah I’m so there.

    • Are you serious? Where does it say 140? RTs?

      I know, I love that rant lol

      Noooo problem. =]

      And Taylor Lautner was good but 3 of his lines looked as if they were delivired to be released on NickTv

      ‘Its about to get ugly in here!”
      “Oh come here Embry, you!”
      “Im just not good for you Bella! Go away, or youll get HURT”

      • Lol on box office mojo

        Yeah a few of his lines were. Remember when Bella was with Alice and Jacob and they started fighting and Jacob goes “_because i get very angry” lol that was funny for some reason

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