2 comments on “Podcast #7 Brought To You By Booty Sweat

  1. I didn’t say that The Vatican was saying stuff about Transformers 2. I was refering to everyone shit talking films that make money and Transformers 2 was one of them. But, the Vatican never said anything about Transformers.

    • OOOHHH thank you. Sorry about the mixup.

      Ok so the question stands… out of all the things they can talk about, am I the only person that finds it hilarious that theyre troubled by NEW MOON???

      Its like Obama saying:

      ‘America, weve got a serious problem.. its a very tragic day today… the Cincinnati Bengals loss this week and now my Fantasy Football team sucks..”

      The Pope:
      “Believe in your lord and savior… do not take the lords name in vain for he loves you….be fair and kind… love your enemies… and avoid watching New Moon, I heard it sucks…”

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