4 comments on “Podcast #9 1,000,000 Movie Previews In 15 Minutes.

  1. Hey James,
    I told you about Legion dude, the trailer looks great.

    Valentine’s Day is getting buzz because of its huge cast:
    Taylor Lautner
    Anne Hathaway
    Bradley Cooper
    Jessica Biel
    Jessica Alba
    Taylor Swift
    Ashton Kutcher
    Emma Roberts
    Julia Roberts
    Jennifer Garner
    Patrick Dempsey
    Jamie Foxx
    Topher Grace
    Eric Dane
    Joe Jonas
    Queen Latifah
    Christine Lakin
    George Lopez
    Shirley MacLaine, wow this is a bigass cast lol

    I’m looking forward seeing Piranha 3-d and Step Up 3 among the movies you made fun of.

    The Expendables is gonna be awesome, just see the trailer.
    What was the soundtrack at the beginning of the podcast, sounded familiar?

    • holy SHIT that cast is good!!

      LMFAO they might very well be good movies, im just saying its ridiculous theyre still making piranha movies. The Expandables looks GREAT!!! I just think its funny how it looks like an 80s movie remake.
      I still dont know if ill see i though

      Lil Wayne “Stunting like my daddy” xD its an old song haha

  2. Of the films coming out next year, hear are the ones I’m looking forward to:

    Iron Man 2
    A Nightmare On Elm Street
    Maybe, Kick-Ass
    Deathly Hallows
    Clash of the Titans
    Toy Story 3

    As for “Jonah Hex”, well, “Jennifer’s Body” was marketed as showing Fox naked and she never did…..enough said. But, one thing I’m know is that it will be the end of Fox’s “career”.

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