13 comments on “Is It Okay To: Illegally Watch Movies? PLEASE READ.

    • I 100% agree that its stealing, thus making it a crime punishable by fines or prison time that DOES stay permanently on your personal record.

      But theyre doing it to us as well. The money they make from the commercials is more then the money they lose from illegally downloading movies.

      These commercials… theyre STEALING from us. We paid for the ticket, so unlike TV, we should get NONE of the commercials they play.

      • dude I’ve about had it with those fucking commercials!!!

        Dude before New Moon, there was like 20 commercials. Including trailers, the 1:15 showtime probably started at 1:35. I can deal with trailers, yes they show too many trailers (we know them all lol which makes it boring) but I can handle that. What I can’t handle is damn commercials that kinda rob me of my money. I went to see New Moon, NOT commercials.

    • Oh and Matt,

      Most people would agree with you and not me because youre right, it IS stealing.

      I only do it because I feel ripped off because of the reasons i mentioned, so i do it.

      I mentioned overall it costs me 20 bucks when it should cost 9 or 10.

  1. It’s stealing plain and simple. But they don’t help with the outrageous prices. they should devolp some type of technology on screen or something so that when one tries to film a movie in the theater all they get is gray.

    • Thank you Mike =]

      But remember this is just my opinion and it is STILL illegal.

      Im just pointing out that they deserve it and i feel no regret when i steal from them, because im someone that gives a lot of money to the movie industry

  2. You’re an idiot. I’m no actor, but you have NO idea how hard acting is. If you have any doubt, watch a “B” movie and see horrible acting on display. Watch a low budget commercial.

    Reading this idiocy reminds me of the people who say that professional sports stars just play with balls. They show themselves completely ignorant of the level of talent involved.

    Now, beyond that, I’m of the “information wants to be free” mentality. I’m a blogger and an avid social network user. But if nobody pays for movies, they won’t get made. Avatar cost $300 million to make. If they don’t get that back through theater sales and DVDs, no one will make a movie like that again.

    So steal away if you want. But you’re letting everyone else pay for your entertainment. If you’re selfish and sociopathic enough to be okay with that, then go right ahead. At some point shame should kick in, though.

    • Nope my mom was an actress and she went to a lot of acting schools.

      My dad was also Jaime Meyer (Played for the national Brazilian soccer team, he now owns the Sharp company)
      sure practice was hard, the diet as well, but it boiled down to pretty much him having the honor of playing in the world cup while being paid.

      My mom was no big actress but she got paid a lot, enough for us to move from Venezuela to L.A. (shes gone so now i liv in Florida)

      The hardest thing people thing actors have to get over is stage fright (really) and the worst part about professional sports is OBVIOUSLY the practice and diet (which is a good thing for your body)

      Im a marine and we get only 10k a year, cops also get shit, and teachers.

      Although i disagree i still dont see why you have to resort to insults, but thats cool in this blog we dont care.

      If you think football players should get 50K a year thats awesome, i just respectfully disagree, and id like to delicately add that its bullshit actors swim in milions while cops starve

    • Sure, Avatar cost 300 million, the work was worthy of money, but 100 of that went to the actors alone. it has nothing to do with the making of the movie.

      The cgi should get millions, the set should get millions, not Sam fucking Worthington

      If actors got paid a salary that wasnt completely unhuman and disgusting it would not affect the movie itself at the slightest bit. it would actually make it easier for movies to make.

  3. I work in a movie theater so I might be able to shed some light on a few things.
    1) The biggest reason actors get paid so much is because people go see their movies. Steve Guttenberg doesn’t make shit because no one cares who he is. Brad Pitt gets paid because his name on a poster puts butts in the seats. Plain and simple, if you don’t like someone stop seeing their movies.
    2) Studios typically take %90 of the grosses for the first seven days and then %80 percent for the next seven days and then %70 for the next seven days and so forth. If a movie makes 100 million dollars about 15 million of that went theaters. Right now there are over 4000 individual movie theaters in North America. The average theater keeps about 35% of its box office gross. Movie theaters aren’t making a killing. The reason concessions costs so much is that without that money most theaters wouldn’t survive. I know at my theater the money we make from summer helps cover the cost of the fall months when things slow way down.
    3)You pay for TV. At least most of America does, anyway. TV stations run commercials to generate extra revenue. Movie theaters have started doing the same thing because it is a quick and easy way to make money without having to pass cost onto the consumer.
    4)The problem is that the cost of movies gets passed down to the consumer. However, keep in mind that you see a production that takes years to complete and costs millions of dollars for only $10 bucks. It takes 3-12 months of pre-production, 4-8 weeks to shoot and another 3 months of post. Plus advertising. When they say a movie costs 10 million to make that doesn’t take into consideration the 10 million they probably spent advertising it. Consider this, most theme parks charge at least $50 for admission and then food is just as expensive as a theater. You might spend the day at a park. So you spend 6 hours at $50 in the park if you don’t eat or 2 hours at a theater for $10.

    • Hiya Will,

      I appreciate the crew in charged of making the movie, they are ARTISTS. But the fact that they get paid millions less then the actors is somewhat unfair. I understand its the actors that sell the movie, but still.

      If movie theaters arent getting enough money, they should tax the movie industries more, instead of making a medium soda 4 bucks. if im not wrong, AVATAR just got 3 BILLION dollars, WE are in a fucking recession

      you said:
      “Movie theaters have started doing the same thing because it is a quick and easy way to make money without having to pass cost onto the consumer.” they do this because they dont make a lot of money

      We download illegal movies because we are almost in a depression

      so if theaters do this, i dont see why thew should complain about us downloading illegal movies.

      This is coming from me, i buy DVDs every week and i go to the theaters every month, Will if you live anywhere near Florida, i probably will put your kids through college, i give 50% of my money to movies.

      I only download hem illegally when i was at school or when im working and im bored. Which is like almost once a month.

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