3 comments on “Leaked News For Thor And The Avengers?(POSSIBLY Contains Spoilers)

  1. They would need more than just Loki and Hulk though. Thor would just end up fighting and defeating Loki while the rest of the Avengers slow down Hulk.

    Either Loki needs to use his mind control on more villains, or i recommend a team up between the Leader, Magneto and Doctor Doom with Loki. The actor who played “Mr Blue” who becomes the leader is signed on for a future film, so he could easily become the leader as his transformation already took place. Meanwhile the actor who played Doctor Doom originally signed on for three films, meaning he could return in the Avengers. Magneto would no doubt be a good charecter as he managed to co-ordinate a mutant war, so if he joined their forces he would be great.

    Doctor Doom or The Leader could also have a personal agenda (Hopefully the Leader)

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