4 comments on “Silver Surfer Spin-Off NOT Dead

  1. I was disappointed in the film’s reducing Galactus to a cloud. Galactus, one of the baddest bad guys in comics, was a humanoid figure with head gear that was right out of the ancient Aztecs. The Silver Surfer remains my absolute favorite comic character; as a teen I imagined myself doing what he did; riding the cosmic wind across galaxies, discovering God’s Universe!

    • now remember,
      1) Galactus was a cloud in the ultimates
      2) They thought it would have looked corny.

      i personally wanted him to be a dude with the badass helmet and huge staff but hollywood had to stomp on that dream.

      i also dont see why they had to change the silver surfer’s background story so dramatically. that was also weird. “i am here so that galactus doesnt kill my wife… you remind me of her” that was greatly infuriating

  2. I really hope they do film a Silver Surfer movie.. I’m all good with these reboots (unless of course the original sucked beyond belief) and they’re making up for it.
    But the Silver Surfer character WAS awesome.. I also don’t think that Galactus as a “cloud” was in ANY way as cool as it could’ve been.
    but IF they had put a Galactus in the movie it may have sucked. I don’t think the budget was as large as it would’ve needed to be to have the “Devourer of Worlds” in it. I would think that the “Beyonder” would be more of a astral cloud, don’t you think!?

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