5 comments on “Dunn Talks Star Wars Blu-Ray

  1. Why not release them? “The Thing”, “The Fly”, “Predator”, and “Robocop” were all made in the 80’s and they got a Blu-Ray release. Fans want to see these films in HD.

  2. Heh… “Why would they release them”… The thing is that they still got the negatives, so they have the full option to release them. If there are any more scenes cut from it, I would love to see that as well.

    Also James, if you would get yourself a Samsung 46” 8000 series TV (or any other manufacturer, Panasonic is said to be the best) and a blu-ray disc player you would understand why one would want it. Star Wars is the films that really set the standard, and in my opinion no films today (not even lord of the rings or avatar) comes close to the quality of Star Wars. Yes, I was born in 1990 so I pretty much grew up with better graphics then Star Wars, but they do not come close when you keep in mind that they invented new stuff to make Star Wars look like it did.

    That is just a minor reason why people want to remember Star Wars and watch it 30 years later…

    • yeah but i get turned off quickly by old movie graphics. i have a low fuse on that after watching AVATAR or Transformers.

      like- watching tron now a days makes me lightheaded. it seems pointless to get that on blu-ray.


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