6 comments on “Ninja Assassin Review By James and Myo

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    • You have absolutely no idea.

      The trailer doesnt show anything.

      There are pats that arent even fight scenes that give you chills.

      Like when they hide in the shadows or when they do their whispering crap….omg it was ridiculous

      The whispering was some of the creepiest things ive ever seen in any movie.

  2. This movie was terrible!! Best action movie ever?! And even a C is generous… I only went to see this because I had high hopes for director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta was awesome.) Needless to say, I won’t be paying to see a movie of his ever again. Ninja Assassin was garbage.

    here’s my review… http://wp.me/pBP0f-4n

    • Im sorry you didnt like it, i hate seeing people disappointed for what they paid 10 bucks to see.

      Some wont like how the action was overdone, the blood computer generated and the gore nonstop. I personally thought that was what saved the movie.

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