30 comments on “McG Still Plans On Directing Future Terminator Films

  1. I hated Terminator Salvation. The action was entertaining, but it failed. McG, don’t direct, let Cameron do it 😀

  2. I liked Terminator Salvation. However like Michael Bay, McG, which sounds like a cheesy name for a burger joint, is an action director, not an actor director. The characters were flat, even Sam Worthington (best part of the film to me) and Christian Bale, and you couldn’t care for them.

  3. Get this fucker out of here before he can even talk about it. The only thing he should do is Charlie’s Angel 3….lol.

    @Matt Keith-Agreed….liked it as a mindless action film.
    @Dragonslayer-Are you kidding me? Michael Bay and McG……
    You mean you liked transformers, the rock, armageddon, the island etc. as much as Charlie’s fucking angels? Name one movie that you enjoyed of McG…i’m not asking much just name one. I mean like…the amount of money McG made from all his movies is equal to the amount that Transformers made.

  4. I’m surprised that no one is comparing Bay and McG to Emmerich. Those three directors are pretty much the same, all rely on action and special effects to sell their films.

  5. I think McG is a notably better director than McBay. Charlie’s Angels was fun, sexy without being misogynistic, it’s action scenes flowed nicely, it’s humor wasn’t a complete bust and best of all it’s wasn’t 3 and half hours long.

    All that puts it way ahead of any Bay film I’ve ever seen or heard of. Also the big action scene in T:S is waaaayyy better than anything in Trannies. And I hope I won’t need to defend that too much cause I’d think it be obvious. The T:S scene really flows and has a lot of energy to it. Bay’s action is herky jerky stop-start-stop-start-fart joke-stop-start.

    On the scale of dumb action I go

    But I don’t see much of a distinction between the last two. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed either of their films.

  6. Stephen Summers and PWS Anderson could be in the mix as well. Although I’ve never seen any of Summers’ films.

    • You mean Stephen Sommers, GI Joe director?? His action is fun and mindless. Bay’s action is entertaining but my GOD revenge of the fallen’s action was quite messy.

      • It wasn’t the action that was a mess…it was the movie itself that was a mess.

        But how the hell did we go from talking about Terminator to McG, to Michael Bay, to Paul WS (worthless shit) Anderson, to Stephen Sommers, to Transformers?

      • Sommers is in the same league as Uwe Boll guys!

        Bays action is one of if not THE best out there
        but when he does scenes that ARENT action scenes, hes total trash

        if he tries to do romance, comedy or any other scenes, he fails.
        his action is top notch.

  7. @ Sommers is in the same league as Uwe Boll guys!

    yeah, and so are the rest of them. And of all these guys who claim to make films that are “dumb fun” the only one of their films that I actually found fun is Charlie’s Angels. And to some extent the first half of T:S. That’s why I find McG to be the best.

    As for the best action directors out there. I think Spielberg, Quentin, Chan Wook Park, and Nolan are all first tier. With Raimi, Jackson, JJ Abrams still way beyond any of these guys. I’d even put Bret Ratner a tier above Bay.

    Bay has done one good action scene: the car chase in Bad Boys II.

    • Yeah but Bay has made amazing movies. Uwe Boll hasnt.

      I agree with everything you said… but Michael Bay has made some GREAT movies.

      He’s got his weaknesses (BIG weaknesses) but when he does something right he knocks it out of the ballpark.
      Uwe Boll is a joke. Hes good at absolutely nothing.

  8. I know people like to talk up Bay as a great action director. But there’s just no comparison between him and Spielberg. Take a look back at Minority report. Or the first action scene in War of the Worlds. There’s a flow and a build to these scenes is just beyond the Uwe Boll’s and Michael Bays.

    Or look at Quentin’s car chase in Death Proof. It goes from humor, to intensity to suspense and back to humor. And there’s alway movement but you’re never lost.

    Bay knows a lot about effects. More than Boll, I’ll give him that. But Spielberg or Jackson are better with effects than Bay.

    • I never said Bay was better then Spelberg or Jackson. I agree on that.

      I also never said Bay was the god of directors

      I just think he must be recognized as what he is: the best or one of the best action directors ever, and one of the most succesful

  9. @Warren-Yes you are right, Spielberg and Bay are not in the same league. I love Tarantino but just don’t see him as an action director.
    You see McG and Sommers are all in the same Boll league but seriously, you prefer Charlies Angels over Bad Boys[thanks James]? The humor of Transformers sucked but Bad Boys[both] was one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen.
    I’ll quote James ’cause that’s what I exactly think:
    “I never said Bay was the god of directors. I just think he must be recognized as what he is: the best or one of the best action directors ever, and one of the most succesful”
    Shit, this guy made a shitload of money.
    And yes War of the Worlds & Minority Report was awesome.
    So was Inglorious Basterds and Pulp Fiction. Death Proof sucked.
    BTW I will watch the first Pokemon Movie instead of watching Charlie’s Angels ’cause CA was a lot like watching cartoon.
    And BTW, I liked Sommer’s G.I.Joe and Van Helsing.

  10. “I just think he must be recognized as what he is: the best or one of the best action directors”

    I don’t know how else I can say this, I think he fucking sucks. I think every single director I’ve mentioned is a better action director. I think Bret Ratner is better. I think Xmen 3 is better than any film Bay has made.

    “Shit, this guy made a shitload of money”

    I just don’t give a fuck. I guess when I stop caring about movies and start caring about which corporation makes the most money then Bay will be my favorite director.

    “Death Proof sucked.”

    Well maybe it’s not your cup of tea. I love it but I guess I can understand why it’s his least popular film. But since we’re talking about directing action scenes then I think it’s just common sense that the chase scene is better than anything ever concieved by Bay.

    “you prefer Charlies Angels over Bad Boys?”

    I havent’ seen Bad Boys. I’ve seen BBII. But I don’t think it’s worth debating if it’s worse than Charlie’s Angels. I seem to recall having more fun watching Angels.

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