3 comments on “Does Crimson Dynamo Toy Suggest He Will Appear In Iron Man 2?(Updated)

  1. ::Raises hand:::

    I know how to tell!!

    Itll be in the movie if:
    1- the action figure looks on the bleeding edge of “not appropriate for kids”
    2- it looks nothing like the comic book version, or is at least NOT identical to it
    3- the figure shows some skin, and that skin can be identified on one of the actors of the movie (like the war machine one with cheadles face on it)

    This doesnt fit any of the above so i say NO, it wont be. At least not that version.

  2. I honestly hope they don’t use that armor design, it dates back to the cold war and doesn’t seem nearly as futuristic as a stark armor design.

    My favorite Crimson Dynamo armor is in the link. Sleek and dangerous looking.

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