9 comments on “So, What Will Those 10 Best Pic Noms Be?

  1. UP or The Lovely Bones better fucking win.

    I dont know, i dont like talking about Oscars till January… but as of now UP is easily the best movie of the year as of December 11 2009

  2. AARON:

    Do you know how we cant call in on podcasts because RB wont let us? (not members)

    What if we 3 way? Like you call me, and while we talk i call the “call in” host number? Some phones can do that. Im sure one of us has a phone that can do 3 ways n our house.

    If so, we have located “win”
    A way to defeat RBs podcast rules!!!!!

    Also, dude send me the scripts so i can upload them =p

    • sounds good. Yeah I have some more scripts: Lovely Bones and Tron Legacy, but idk if we should upload those.

      Dragonslayer-Yeah Lovely Bones is getting negative feedback lately, I don’t know why because it looks great and it’s from Peter Jackson.

      • Yeah, it shocked the frick outta me when I read some of the reviews. I’m still gonna go see it, but I’m not gonna go in with the expectation I had.

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