6 comments on “Robert Pattinson As Magneto?

  1. Dragonslayer what are you talking about Robert Pattinson will make an amazing magneto. Specially the young one plus you WILL have so many more fans going to see the movie just for him which is good. Robert is awesome peace 🙂

    • How will the fact that people would go see Magneto just because he’s in it? Megan Fox wasn’t the reason people went to see Transformers 2 (which wasn’t that great to begin with) and Jennifer’s Body proved that. People don’t just go to movies because they want to see hot guys or hot girls.

      And say if so many go to the film to see him, he does that make him a great Magneto? How does that make him “awesome”? It doesn’t.

      Besides, this interview means NOTHING. This doesn’t mean he’s Magneto, it doesn’t mean he isn’t. It means absolutely NOTHING until proven otherwise.

      If you think he’ll make a great Magneto, that’s fine, I respect your opinion. But even if he does become Magneto, which there is always a 50/50 chance he may or may not, it doesn’t mean millions are gonna go see it because of him and that he’s “awesome.”

  2. Oh Dear God, please NO!

    Noooooo no no no no nononononononononono!!!!! AUGH that would suck so hard!

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