17 comments on “Transformers 3 Autobots Lineup

    • Actually we have the script for transformers 3, and Michael Bay confirmed it was legit (by accident of course, poor idiot)

      Go to our scripts box and check it out =]

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  2. Yeah but optimus ratchet and ironhide are going to look the same way they did in the previous movies. I know mike bay won’t turn them into old beat up cars and that’s a fact.

    • Nonono they WILL be the models i showed, but in a pimped out awesome way.

      The cars i showed are only the models, Bay will give them nice paint, huge rims, and awesome “Pimp My Car” shit.

  3. What if Bay has Kruger rewrite the whole script cos the script’s been leaked?

    And ive read it as well, bet it’s gonna need a big budget, perhaps bigger than the previous two.
    Glad that robots will have more roles and conversations.
    Glad that ridiculous minor characters have fewer roles.
    But damn No sideswipe!

    Gonna wait for the teaser, which ‘s of course supposed to be seen many months after this.

    More serious man. Darker

    Besides wanna see Decepticons win in the end too.

    • Well, the script is gonna be changed anyway, because it was just an early draft. They can add Sideswipe, and the other characters(please no jar jar bots).

      I agree. I want to see the Decepticons win, fuck the autobots. But, its pretty much just “Good vs. Evil”, so the decepticons have to lose.

    • Wow, nice name, Dawn of the Decepticons. I darn agree.

      Well in fact yes Autobots win, but the person who always makes them win isn’t Autobots but it’s Sam.

      So this TRANSFORMERS is an acronym: These Robots Aren’t Nice, So Fellowship Offends (these) Rotten Machines (by) Electing Ridiculous SAM!

      • lol, nice one

        Thanks. It just makes sense. Since the second one wasn’t simply titled “Transformers 2”. Transformers:Dawn of The Decepticons. I like it.

        Btw Micheal Bay, I better get a cut of the film’s gross for coming up with the name :D,

  4. Yes I prefer no humans. But one big reason they got humans is because budget will be too big too to create so many robots, fighting scenes and the whole cybertronian stuff. See ROTF got so many annoying jokes and whatever cos Devastator swallowed half the budget… lol

    But if there’s to be humans then please get the president, UN, ministry of defense. Not a boy running with a world in his hand and us inside it.


    • I agree on the UN thing, now THAT makes fucking sense… Sam would be dead by now.

      If i were optius i would say
      “Sam, go home. Give the cube to a soldier, and let me talk to him. Youre like- 16 years old”


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