17 comments on “Transformers 3 Synopsis

    • If you had the slightest idea how genius Starscream is in TF3, youd say the same for him.

      But this year I see O.P.’s chances of getting the Oscars to be a liiiiiittle slim hahaha

      Although good call Jessen =p

    • Holy shit. Jessen’s comment made me think of something…

      Can an animated character be so good that it deserves an oscar? Like if Russel from UP was so amazing, he deserves and GETS an Oscar? (for example)

      I would love to see that one day.

  1. This ought to spoil the movie for you right? If you haven’t read the script and watched the movie with such a wicked story, you woulda enjoyed it better, but that’s up to you.
    BTW, I never read spoilers, not even by accident.

    • This post contains no spoilers, feel free to read =]

      The script however, does.

      I love spoiling myself.

      Hard core nerds with no going back from their deep state of geekness get orgys from spoilers like these. I love spoilers.

  2. You better not be shitting me about the whole Starscream plan, I NEED to see him not look retarded in TF3. The fact that they made him a Dorito does NOT help his cause in any way shape of form.

    • LOL!
      (Funniest comment ever put on this blog goes to…bek)

      And no, my friend. Read the script. Starscream was fucking AMAZING in this.

      I mean, wow. Just, wow. The plan was something from a thriller movie.

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  4. I think Starscream needs to either kill Megatron or have some huge master plan, otherwise he is nothing like i remembered.

    A great way to end the franchise would have Unicron (In some far off Dimension) Create Nemesis Prime and have him go to Earth to kill Prime and steal the Matrix (Which Prime has) At the end of the film it should instead be Megatron who goes to Unicron and give`s him the Matrix. Thus starting the Unicron trilogy. (Which future reboots or sequels could discover)

  5. I read through some of the script, but stopped before the Area 51 part. Some of this must be re-written, as Mikaela/Megan Fox is not in TF3, being replaced by Carly, an original character and wife of Sam (Spike) in the original cartoons/comics. It will be refreshing to have the Carly character in TF3, played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Megan is hotter than Rosie in my opinion, but I never really cared for her character much, or her acting ability. Not sure why they cast Rosie, who is a skanky, way-too-skinny supermodel with no acting experience. How she will perform is to be seen, but she cannot be much worse than Megan. I think they could have done much better in casting the part for Carly, there are so many much more talented and mcuh hotter actresses out there who could play the part much better, such as Kristen Stewart, Emily Browning, Mia Wasikowska, Arielle Kebbel , Saoirse Ronan, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. They could all pull off the girl next door role much better, which I feel is more appropriate for the character of Carly.

    • Whiteley’s role (eye-candy) doesn’t require acting experience. All she needs is to look good in front of the camera. I still say that the love interest should be dropped in favor of giving it a more darker storyline. They could easily have Mikeala get killed off by Megatron, and have Sam seek revenge on the decepticons. it would be nice to see him be driven by more than just hormones in the film.

      Anyway, this “script” is fake.


  6. Wow I can’t wait till the movie comes out. Hope Optimus don’t die again. 😉 Is it legal for me to write a TF novel without Hasbro’s 😦 promision??? Can’t wait for the movie to come…. It sound totally Epic!!!!!!!

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