10 comments on “The Dragon’s Top Ten Films of the Decade

  1. I was going to tear you a new asshole for saying Epic Movie and then i saw you were just fuckin’ with us lmfao

    good one =p

    I love you for putting The Departed on the list. Pretty badass list.

      • As long as you put TDK, LOTR and some Pixar movies, the list will be automatically solid.

        Nobody in the planet can deny all of those 11 movies are incredibly solid.

        I didnt like There Will Be Blood but i understand its supposed to be like the best movie ever made.

  2. For those who are wondering about my No Country comment, I didn’t like the film, so I just wanted everyone to know that I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t put it on there.

    I forgot to mention Sin City!

    • No Country would be #2 on my list. That is my third favorite movie ever I friggin LOVED it. That’s a masterpiece that might be the Cohen’s greatest.

      • Glad you liked it. I wish I could have had the same feeling. I just found the film to be nothing, it didn’t make me feel anything watching it. Plus it had one of the most retarded freaking endings of all time IMO.

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    p.s i have to agree that no country for old men didn’t deserve to be in top 10, how about there will be blood?

    • Ill contact you and let the other guys know whats going on (its like 5 of us here) Thank you

      And Dragon put There Will Be Blood #7!
      I personally didnt like either, i know they were good movies, i can accept that… but they where not my cup of tea.
      Kinda how I dont like The Passion of the Christ. I didn like it, yet understand its really successful and good to others. Im the minority =p

      Mel Gibson owes me 10 bucks still.

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