17 comments on “Amazing Avatar Poster

  1. The poster looks OK. I’ve changed my mind about seeing this film in theatres. I know people pay more, but $8.50 is more than I’m willing to pay to see a movie once.

    • It is very pricey. IF I see a film, it’s only one a REALLLY want to see.

      The poster, I can see how it looks ok but I think It’s really good.

  2. Hey Aaron, are you gonna be posting a review?

    I was just wondering because I’m going to see the film Saturday and I don’t know if it’s okay if you put up multiple reviews. This film will be righteous. It’s already gotten a Best Picture Golden Globe nom.

    • Seriously? It did? Wow awesome.

      Um..idk I put up a review for New Moon so now it’s someone else’s turn..I will definitely talk about my feelings about it in a podcast with all of us, that’d be great.

      • It honestly did. Go to Cinematical and look for the article about the Golden Globe Nominations for Drama. Basterds got nominated too as did the Hangover.


    Everyone post your reviews. Just have them say “My Name’s Avatar Review”

    Everything you post here is up to you, as long as you dont put porn.

    I hate review-cock-blocking

    I hate it when sites only show one review and the other 6 editors cant post them now for some reason

    “FUCK! Rodney reviewed it! Now ill never hear Johns POV”

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