1. I hated the idea about more X-Men movies but now sounds promising.
    But 3 mutants idea does not sound good.
    What did you think about Halle Berry being Storm, people seem to complain but I thought she was good.
    And I’m more psyched about the Deadpool spinoff rather than this one.

  2. I think they should put kid storm in the movie. I mean just those three mutants is going to be so boring. Plus have you even gotten the Kids who are going to play these characters anyway!! If i was to make a suggestion Iwould say,………Dakota Fanning(Jean Grey). I think she could do it.And for Storm how about… Keke Palmer off of “Akela And the bee. If she doesn’t work out pick someone else but Dakota has to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. listen dildo breath, i dont mean to sound rude( and i do ) but stop complaining. why the hell would storm be in it. its x men first class which is cyclops, marvel girl( jean grey), beast, ice man, and angel. hes only doing cyclops, jean. and beast because he already fudged up with ice man( who shouldve been gambit) and angel who was just squezed in x3 like every muntant in the comics was. i my self am excited to see beast without a pole called his 40s stuck up his crapper. so yea like i said, stop complaining, theres always a reason blah blah blah

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