8 comments on “Spider-Man 4 In Trouble?(Updated)


    since wen do 4’s look lik a’s
    also would tehre be ny sence in shortening teh shortest word “a” 2 4? have u ever recived a tct lik …….. “4 m4n les do sumtin l4tr

    lol soo gay leve it as a trilogy cus if u fuck up the 4 one that would sux

    villian idea: CARNAGE symbiote still lives and goes 2 the psycho guy n he goes round eatin ppl……venom n spidy team up n kik his ass WTIH LESS CRYING THEN THE 3RD 1!!!!!!

    • The studio does to seem more “hip” or “cool”, but it comes off as ridiculous. Anyway, the film has been canceled, the franchise will get the reboot treatment.

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