8 comments on “Scary Movie Of 2009

      • Dude, I laughed my ass off while reading the review, especially, the synopsis and the Hankie part.

        Agree 100% with the review. Stopped watching the movie when the goat started talking, that hits my intelligence hard. That movie claims to be a comedy? Scary Movie is funnier.

        While checking the Let The Right One In review, remembered one thing as you seem to obsess over Mindy Hit-Girl. The girl Chloe Moretz, who’s Mindy in kick ass, will also play the lead vampire girl in LTROI remake Let Me In.


      • YES SHE IS!! I talked to her brother in Facebook because I made a fanpage for Mindy AKA Hit Girl (its advertised on our pages) and he said shes giving the performance of a lifetime!

        I really felt insulted by Sam Raimi when i saw this movie.
        There where too many scenes that made me utterly embarrassed of being a human being

        Im glad someone agrees. But this issnt a “Hate it or love it” movie… EVERYONE has approved of it!


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