10 comments on “Spider-Man 4 News Review (UPDATED)

  1. John Molcovitch?? God, would it kill you to go to IMDB.com before spelling everyones name incorrectly!! and buy a damn dictionary too, better yet go back to school, get your GED!!

  2. Omg,MJ Dies???Please tell me more about this,so there is gonna be up to spider man 6???omg but why and how does MJ dies??omg im kinda disappointed and i still dont get why because in all the movies,she is his girlfriend,omg im still shocked and why does she have to die and why does he have to fall in love with balck cat??i am a die hard spider man fan and now i find out that MJ dies???I bet that’s gonna affect everything that happenes with them,omg,they love each other and they dont get married,wow why put the vulture and black cat and kick out venom and we never had caranage so yeah and omg this is all im saying,why and how does MJ die,why is not either venom or carnage gonna be in the movie,why put in vulture and black cat,is there gonna be 6 spider man movies?

    • Hey Alex, thanks for the comment. I shall try to answer all your quesions in order =]

      1) Yes, they are making a Spiderman 6

      2) Why? Fans have been rejecting Dunst as MJ and a cast change would be a worst move, so theyre just going to kill her off

      3) She wont neccesarily die, they might just make her go to another continent or something, she just wont be in the next movies

      4) Black Cat and Spidey always liked each other in the comics. But the fact that Black Cat was a thief and Peter was married kept them apart.

      5) We dont know how shell die. But i promise i WILL keep this post updated for all you Spidey fans =]

      6) Raimi has always loved the Vulture and never wanted Venom or Carnage in the movies in the first place

      Heres the thing:

      Raimi (the director) wants Vulture but Sony (company that owns spiderman) wants a more known villain (perhaps Carnage) so obviously Raimi is winning that fight right now

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