9 comments on “Worst Movie Of 09

      • Hey man, yeah I got your e-mail, thanx. Now I can bother you anytime I want,lol. Not really having any problem now.

        I know it was a lousy reveiw, but thanks anyway. But it’s nothing like I,Robot. I;Robot would probably get a 9.5/10 from me.

  1. Who the hell [probably James] included Angels and Demons, I loved it. Anyways, Jennifer’s Body is the worst movie of the year.


    • I liked it too.
      I liked a lot of movies on this list

      Thing is, i included movies i knew READERS hated, not myself.

      Hey did you get my email response to your request?

      • Yeah, check the reply to your comment in this post above. And I got your comment now, I wasn’t around for a couple of days but now I’m back.

      • I actually liked your review. It was a good review, but i still wont be seeing that movie

        Ive heard really bad things about it lol

        Wait did you return my email? (because i may have missed it, i always miss emails because my inbox gets FLOODED with emails, like 200+ a day)

  2. I actually gotta go with Transformers on this one. Everything else I just avoided seeing.

    I’d like to add one: EVERYTHING FROM DISNEY CHANNEL. But I don’t know if that counts…

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