24 comments on “Shane The Dragonslayer’s Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2010

  1. All these lists seem to be the same. It’s unfortunate. I understand you’re into a certain genre. But what about Scott Pilgrim, it’s got a great story, a great cast, a great director and seems to be shaping well.

    • Okay FIRST of all.

      Thank you for the comment.

      I agree the movie sounds great… but the list is called “most ANTICIPATED” films

      Not BEST films of 2010.

      The anticipation in the movies Shane mention are bigger then the opne you mention because there already is a huge fanbase behind them, and weve seen so much from them (ironman 2, Harry Potter)

      Whereas im sure most people havent heard of Scott Pilgrim, which doesnt have that ammount of hype.

      We never said any of these movies will be better then any YOU would have on your list. This is merely a list of what Shane is looking forward to the most. Keep that in mind.

      • But doesn’t the information available about Scott Pilgrim and Inception sound promising?

        I’m not arguing about which is better. I’ve not seen any of these movies. But I’m definitely more excited by a new Nolan or Wright film than a new Leterrier film. Or a new Twilight film. I don’t know how you could see it other wise.

        “This is merely a list of what Shane is looking forward to the most. Keep that in mind.”

        yeah. I don’t fault him for having an opinion. I fault him for the opinion he has.

        But he’s still cool and everything.

      • Yes, it does… but weve hardly heard anything from those movies. (Inception would have been on my list btw)

        I would have had IronMan and Kick-Ass on my list even if they looked horrible, but thats because im a huge comic bok nerd… it depends on the person, dude.

        Its all about opinions. Shane likes Iron Man, you dont. I hate the HP movies, hes looking forward to them.

        Im looking forward to Twilight (Eclipse)
        Nobody should be faulted by their opinions =]


      • I understand that it’s about opinions. I’m criticizing his opinion.

        If we’re not allowed to fault the subjective than we shouldn’t be offering up opinions about movies at all.

        I’m really just trying to offer up a different perspective.

        And you’re wrong about nothing being heard from Scott Pilgrim (which is also a comic book). They had a frequently updated production blog. You just didn’t read about it on TMB.

      • I get my info from Twitter, ComicBookMovies, ComingSoon, movieweb and Superherohype

        Mostly from Facebook and Twitter updates though. I never get anything from TMB, and i havent heard much regarding SP, sorry

        The only blogs i get news from are /FILM and SR… but ironically i hate the readers in those sites so i try to never comment there

        “If we’re not allowed to fault the subjective than we shouldn’t be offering up opinions about movies at all.”
        Sorry, i thought you were criticizing Shane for his opinion, my bad Warren

        They havent even come out with a trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World so its hard for me to say if it will be good or bad, theres no anticipation because unless youre a fan of the comic books… you dont even know its being made.

        Although i must admit the casting looks solid for SP


  2. @ And well, I didn’t put it on because I’m not excited for it because I don’t know what the hell it is about. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I won’t know for certain. I trust Nolan, but I’m not excited for it.

    And this is Rodney Brazeau / screen rant bullshit. It’s awesome that we don’t have a point for point plot description. I’m looking forward to being surprised by the vision of a great director.
    And fuck Vic Fontian or whoever from the screenrant. Of course I’m only anticipating it for the director and cast! Of course I wouldn’t be anticipating it if it were directed by some shit like Mike Bay or Steve Sommers. Why is that invalid? Is it invalid to consider a director’s body of work and the accomplishments of the cast? Am I only allowed to be excited for a film for its premise? You’re telling me Inception ranks below Clash of the Titans?!?!
    What about fact that CotT’s is directed by a mediocre pencil pusher of a director?

    It’s like people are only willing to be excited for pre-existing franchises and known quantities. They become cranky when an artist threatens to surprise them. We only want to see new things if we already know exactly what they are. Otherwise, not interested.

    I hate this “watch the first 27 minutes online!” bullshit. I hate that I’m required to know every single detail about a film before I’m allowed to watch it. I want to go into a theater and be surprised by a great director’s vision. That’s worth much more than spending 7 months scrutinizing which flash in the pan actress is going to play the vulturess.

    So I’m breaking with you guys. And I’m not excited for Iron Man at all. Looks like a waste of Mickey Rourke’s talents.

    • 2nd of all

      Rodney and Vic are fucking cool. (in MY opinion)
      In here we wont delete your comment if you insult someone we like, but im just pointing out that i believe a Rod and Vic are pretty cool dudes.

      No one influenced Shane into writing this post, if i where to make a list of MY most anticipated films, it would be identical to this one… but no Harry Potter. And Kick-Ass would be #1

      And the old repeative movies you speak of (Marvel movies, remakes, Harry Potter movies) get our attention because of the advertising they have behind them.
      In here we give props to those movies with new talent but its kinda hard when shit like “Avatar Day” pops up. The movies you speak of just dont have that much advertising or hype… so its not our fault we dont hear about them.
      And we apologize if we dont cover them… but we just DONT know about them. Not our fault, movie companies must do a better job of advertising.

  3. And I’m really not trying to pick on you Shane. I think this site is cool. I appreciate your guy’s enthusiasm, typos and all. I enjoy reading your opinions.

    But you should shed this Rodney Brazeau influence. That dude is not worth shit. And John Campea is a reprehensible scumbag as evidenced by this photo:

    Does he really think we’re going to be impressed by him standing next to a woman who is clearly a paid model at some kind of corporate sponsored new years party. Her job is to trick losers into thinking they’re some kind of ladies men and apparently Campea’s eating it up. That’s pathetic. I hope he straightens out his life.

    Happy new years guys.

    • Thank you,
      and yes i cant spell for shit (well, i CAN, i just type fast and dont care…blogging is a hobbie of mine, not a job for journalism)
      Matt however, has perfect grammar and he picks up the slack when i write like a 3 year old =P

      Again, although i respect your opinion about them (which it seems lots share with you) id have to say Mr Campea and Rodney have been pretty cool to me over time, and i have nothing against them. I dont see where all the hate towards them is coming from all of a sudden, especially with such nice dudes

      Lol i thought that picture was funny

      Happy New Years to you, bud

      Although mine isnt starting out so well, my PS3 is not cooperating

      • Thank you =]]
        Im just trying to get my PS3 online but the PS3 is not being a good sport (im good with computers but my PS3 is testing my abilities to the max)

        Ok wait, what did Rodney do to you? It sounds like he directly insulted you or threw a dead herpes infected possum at you


      • I’m not in the Campea/Rodney influence, Warren. Sure, John was what got me into movie reviewing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the influence I’m following now.

        These are just the films I’M looking forward to. That’s just my opinion. If you don’t agree it’s fine, I respect it. But don’t assume that some website like The Movie Blog and Screen Rant (both great websites I might add) put me up to this. Only I made that decision man.

        Every film website does that. I’m not the only one. If you don’t agree, what are you looking forward to the most? What would you add or subtract from the list above?

        As for Inception, how the hell is that Rodney/ScreenRant bullshit? That’s just what I think. I don’t know what the hell the film is about, so I’m just like them? That doesn’t make much sense. I’m just not excited. I’ll probably go see it, and of course, it could be the best film of the year. But as for right now, I’m not feeling excited over it. But that’s just MY opinion.

        I have nothing against you man. I just don’t agree that I’m “following in Rodney/ScreenRant’s footsteps.”

      • I am kind of making it out that Rodney shit in my oatmeal. Maybe I’m blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Hey never has done anything against me personally I guess. He just conducted himself like such a little shit over there. Where does he get off condescending to people like that.
        He’s constantly making these asinine proclaimations: Neil Blomkamp is a nobody hack; people are only anticipating Inception because they blindly follow king nolan; people only attack Michael Bay because it’s trendy; and on and on.

        As if he’s this light of reason in the world of movie blogging. He never has anything insightful or knowledgeable to say. I don’t even think he watches movies. He just speculates over rumors, he never has anything to say about them after they come out.
        He ended up with a large venue to voice his opinion and therefore simply presumes to come from a position of superiority. A position he has not earned at.

        I loved on the film junk podcast when Jay Cheel just started ripping the guy apart. I think he called him a douche bag. Jay is a guy with something interesting to say and an interesting way of saying it. Rodney is just a tool.

      • “As for Inception, how the hell is that Rodney/ScreenRant bullshit? That’s just what I think. I don’t know what the hell the film is about, so I’m just like them? That doesn’t make much sense. I’m just not excited.”

        I guess I’ll apologize for saying that. Those remarks seem to have gotten out of hand. I wasn’t trying to suggest that anyone put you up to anything.

        I never meant to suggest that you HAVE to anticipate Inception. I was just taking issue with this statement: ” And well, I didn’t put it on because I’m not excited for it because I don’t know what the hell it is about.”

        That statement is very similar to remarks made by both Vic and Rodney. I think it’s poorly thought out.

        The films I’m looking forward to are:
        Scott Pilgrim because I love the comic. Because Edgar Wright is an up and coming director. And because the cast is interesting.

        Inception because it looks like Nolan has been let loose with $200 million to make some weird personal smart scifi film.

        Green Hornet because I love Gondry.

        Kick Ass because it’s got some good buzz and I enjoy the comic.

        Shutter Island because it’s Scorcese and because of the trailer.

        My Son My Son What Have Ye Done because Lynch + Herzog

        Tree of Life because it’s directed by Terence Malik

        Expendables (James always pronounces this “Expandables”) because of the cast and the genre.

        King Shot by ellusive director Alejandro Jodorowsky.

  4. I am not saying I’m better or anything but no offense, this Warren dude sounds like Slashbeast from TMB.

    Inception is fucking cool. Screen Rant sucks big time.


    • Thank you for not being offensive. lol

      Wait is that good or bad?
      Slashbeast was never a dick or anything. I only remember ONE reader from TMB that i didnt like and that was 3 years ago.
      What did Slashbeast do?

      I know it looks soooo amazing…

      BUT does anyone know what its about??!! I want to know why the buildings move!!! It looks SO GOOD but i just dont know what the fuck is going on in the trailer!!


      • Lol, but I always thought Slashbeast was(is) a dick. He always says stuff like “oh you like that movie??your opinion sucks” and blah blah blah.

      • The main person on TMB that I fucking HATED was Al Gore’s Nuts. Honestly, all he does is insult people. He’s a troll. Let’s not forget his Harry Potter comment:

        “In the end, Harry Potter doesn’t have to make since. It’s just for kids who’s brains are melting from watching Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus.”

        Oh, so just because you don’t like it everyone else who does is an asshole? There are fucking adults who love it. My whole family does.

        He also pissed me off with his Twilight comment, and I don’t even like Twilight:

        “Wow, there’s a lot of gay people who love Twilight”

        I don’t even like Twilight, but have I ever insulted the people who do like it? No. Everyone has a opinion, you are not the only one.

        Man, I’m getting a lot of crap about Inception. I mean sure it’s gonna be good, but I just don’t have a ton of enthusiasm for it. Just my opinion though.

      • Hey man, I get your point. I don’t remember insulting anyone(except Slashbeast).

        I hate Harry Potter[the whole thing from the beginning] but I never insulted anyone. If anyone noticed a little deeper, they will find that I never commented on any HP related posts[except maybe 1]. The reason I don’t comment is it’s a vastly popular franchise and I’m in the minority and I clearly know very less about it.

        And dude, don’t get me started on Algorenuts. The last time he pissed me was when the new Ironman 2 poster[with IM and WM] was released, he said it looks like video game cover which is made for retarded kids or something.

        BTW, Ironman 2 is also #1 in my list.

        Asking one more time: Where the hell is AARON?

      • the whereabouts of Aaron can be seen in his latest twitter:

        AARON said
        “going 2 sneak into guillermo del toros house… prolly a hobbit script here somwhere… ill keep u all updated..”
        At 3:47 A.M.

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