22 comments on “Avatar Is The Fourth Highest Grossing Film Of All Time(Updated)

      • I actually really liked Dead Man’s Chest. It was just a little too weird, but it had an incredible ending and some of the best visual effects I’ve ever seen. I liked At World’s End too (oh dear I shouldn’t have said that).

      • Shane
        I liked every single pirates of the Caribbean movie

        I just dont get why its up there…. i thought people HATED them

        3 was the one i liked the least, but i still enjoyed the 3 of them

        Heres my point, that movie is SO LONG, to make that much money it would mean that people went to see it 2 or 3 times… yet everyone said it was boring and long… so it doesnt add up

      • It was a little slow, a little boring… but the ending made it bearable.

        Some of the dialogue was horrid but the story was really good… so it wasnt horrid but it wasnt great… once i got the DVD and watched only the parts i liked, it grew on me

      • The reason why Dead Man’s Chest made so much is because people were excited to see it. Same reason Matrix Reloaded made so much. Sure they might of hated it afterward, but people still went to see it.

        As for Dark Knight, you probably read it wrong. It was the highest grossing of 08.

      • yeah but to be in this list, you have to be a movie people went to see 3 or 4 times. It cant just be hype, hype gets you the first week, to have good numbers in the 2nd week the movie has to be GOOD regardless of the hype

        Dead Man’s Chest is the only movie in that list i didnt see at LEAST 7 times (Avatar i only saw 3 times, for NOW)

        This list tells me people went to see DMC 5 times each (more then TDK)

        i find that a little odd.

  1. I thought TDK was numero uno!!

    Have people been lying?!?

    Every blog has said TDK was the one that made the most money ever… so wtf is this?

    And wtf is dead man’s chest doing in that list

    Matt are you sure that list is not faulty?

    I agree Titanic, LOTR, TDK and Avatar are there, i just thought the order would be different

    • No i believe you, i just find it shocking that Dead Man’s Chest is on it…. and i thought TDK had taken #1 like 2 years ago

      Everyone always complained that Dead Man’s Chest was just a 2 hour trailer for At World’s End… thats actually what i liked about it

      I bet Cameron is happy about this list.
      To have 2 of your movies being on the list of highest grossing movies EVER must be a prestigious achievement

  2. The only thing I don’t like about this is that now most films will be made in 3-D, and could be the beginning of the end for 2-D.

    I predict not.

    • Yeah- it depends on the movie.

      It will start getting pretty demanding.. like- directors are going to start feeling obliged to make them in 3D or even in IMAX in (i predict) 5-10 years

      What i hate in 3D is that when you watch it in 2D you can tell which scenes where shot in 3D because the guy reaches for the doorknob and hes moving sooo slooow and hes aiming riiight at your face… yet its not 3D so it looks so annoying


      They will NEVER stop making 2D films.
      A lot of people HATE 3D (like me) and making movies stricktly on 3D would not be a wise economic decision
      Or they can make it in 3D but they must always be available in 2D as well

      I like IMAX… but i cant stand 3D

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