17 comments on “Cameron Defends Avatar From Anti-Smoking Groups

  1. Some people are so over protective.

    Yeah, so they smoked in Avatar…Do I support smoking? no but avatar is a film. Lol, people.

  2. I don’t agree with the group. But it’s true that films have messages. Cameron acknowledges this himself when he says:

    “I do agree that young role-model characters should not smoke in movies, especially in a way which suggests that it makes them cooler or more accepted by their peers.”

    In fact Avatar is one big message movie. It would be hypocritical is Cameron were to say: no no, my film’s not to be taken seriously. It doesn’t have any message about anything.

    And again, I want to make it clear that I would go a long way to defend smoking as an important part of Wolverine’s character. But it does send a message that smoking is cool. Wolverine is cool because he’s a bad ass who does his own thing and tramples over authority. Smoking is part of that image.

    • Right, you have a good point, but in avatar they smoked so little it shouldn’t really have been a concern to anyone.

    • Wolverine can smoke because his lungs cant get cancer, he heals.

      I completely forgot about that ONE scene in Avatar that had smoking until now

      Arernt there movies with way more smoking in them? Like- “THANK YOU FOR SMOKING”??? (with Aaron Eckhart)

    • “Wolverine can smoke because his lungs cant get cancer, he heals.”

      That’s a great point if people were worried about Wolverine’s health. If people were worried about the message it sends to kids in the audience then it’s not such a good point.

      • Mother: “In your movie wolverine makes it look cool!”

        Director: “Its PG:13 and theres killing, maybe you should stop taking your fuckign kid to these movies

        Mother: Well hes older now and i dont want him to start smoking

        Director: Wolverine can smoke because he cant get cancer, its also why he jumps out of planes. Your son should know NOT to act like a fucking SUPERHERO

        Mother: But superheroes are role models

        Director: You havent seen Watchmen hav- never mind. Look, theyre fictional, its a movie…. THIS is exactly why we have a RATING…. if your kid isnt old enough to not be influenced by Wolverine… he should just stay home until he grows up.
        Besides, theres other movies out there with way more smoking, why did you pick wolverine?

  3. James, I think you’re both taking the wrong lesson here and also misreading Watchmen.

    What I would ask the angry spokesperson from this anti-smoking fundementalist group is “is there room in the realm of enterianment that you enjoy for flawed protagonists who make mistakes and do bad things? Or do all protagonists have to be perfect upholders of morality.

    Yeah Wolverine does glamorize hard drinking, cigar smoking, brawling, pissing off Scott Summers and metal skeltons.
    Wolverine is a very different type of protagonist than Superman or Spider-Man. If they are incapable of appreciating this then what they’re really advocating is shallow entertainment.

    To be fair though, I think the studio and director didn’t really understand this distinction either. They clearly made a film meant to attract the same sort of audience as Spider Men and Iron Mans. It reminded me a lot of the X-Men cartoon show, in which I believe Wolverine did not smoke.

  4. “…and also misreading Watchmen”

    Oh I see you actually wrote “you haven’t seen Watchmen”. If you’re refering strictly to the abridged version (ie movie) then yeah, you got it right.

    However, I’d recommend the book in which the point is made explicitly several times. Rorshoch in particular was concieved as a role model for an ideology that Alan Moore abhored.
    There’s also a moment were Veidt ponders the implication of the Minute Men action figure line he was launching.

    The film on the other hand is more of a straightforward story about how social reactionaries are underappreciated by society.

    • The Comedian: Rapist
      Specter: Whore
      Ozymandias: Pretty much a nazi
      Rorschach: Serial killer
      Nite Owl: guy that can ONLY have sex if dressed up as an owl.
      Dr Manhattan: Naked 24/7 and doesnt value life

      But wolverine smoking a cigarette… THATS what broke thew camel’s back

      I am the biggest Watchmen fan, i read the book like 12 years ago and watched the movie several times.
      What my point is, if youre too much of a pussy to be influenced by a fake superhero, then you shouldnt watch movies.

      “Why do you have lung cancer?”
      “It was all Wolverine’s fault!”

      If youre that weak then youre never going to survive in this planet. seriously.

      I dont smoke, i think its a pretty stupid thing to do, and i support anti smoking groups, but when they act like pussies and say stuff like this it really pisses me off

  5. I’m not sure where you’re comparison is going. Maybe you’re accusing which ever group of some kind of hypocricy. You’ll have to take that up with them. I don’t know which movies they did and didn’t scold. I wouldn’t care either way.

    I do know that comics, music, tv and film all influence our ideas of what is cool. There’s a reason we call them “icons”.

    I think as I’ve grown older I’ve developed more of an appreciation for the subtle way in which our culture influences my thought. None of us ever woke up and thought “i’m going to embrace the virtues of liberal democracy and capitolsim” but everyday we practice these ideologies in our lives. And I’m sure we’d defend them to outsders.

    I walk out of the house and see dude’s sporting the Zach Effron doo. I doubt any of these guys ever sat down in the barber chair and said “gimme the Zach Effron”.

    None of this has weakened my resolve towards the tenets of personal responsibility or artistic freedom. In fact, it’s strengthened the later. It’s one thing to defend free speech on the notion that ideas are powerless. Another thing entirely to defend free speech because ideas are powerful.

    • But wolverine should never inspire anyone. Ever.

      Maybe perhaps inspire them to… fight evil? (if youre like 3 years old?)

      But if you smoke because you think Wolverine looks cool doing it, i pity you

      This group makes no sense:

      If someone that is gullible enough to start smoking because of a 2 second scene with Signore Weaver OF ALL PEOPLE…. then theyre going to look at the rest of the movie… come out of the theater… paint their bodies blue… and kill every human “alien” that approaches them

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