4 comments on “Orphanage Remake (ugh) Gets Director

  1. What I think is, remakes are okay. I look at it this way:
    More movies around. I’ll watch it or not depends on my judgement about the movie. I look at it as every other movies out there. It’s even a good thing for me because it’s painful to look at the subtitles when watching a horror or action movie. That’s my only problem with foreign films.

    I decided I’ll watch Let Me In first and later I’ll watch Let The Right One In.

    • I only like remakes if the old one was something like Clash Of The Titans… because that can be improved with CGI

      But movies that dont rely on CGI dont need to be remade, because the story remains, the character remains… so what is new to it?

      The Hulk can one day be remade again… because the CGI will improve… but Romeo and Juliet and movies that dont have the base rely on CGI can pretty much die… because they will never have their story change.


      Only remake a movie IF:

      1) There are monsters in it, and the current CGI can make it better
      2) The old movie had good potential but it was a bad movie, so the new one will fix this
      3) The story will be adapted, and improved from the original
      4) The CGI is 10 times better then the original

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