7 comments on “Why The Dark Knight Is Over-Rated

  1. Ill address each one with what i think about them

    1) I liked how 2 Face was never that big in the movie, they had the Joker being the MAIN villain, and at the end they had a nice twist with the really GOOD “knight” turning bad… with some heavy moral to the story… showing how even though 2 Face was bad… they where better off blaming Batman.

    As for Scarecrow… I would have hated it if he was a main character… he was already a main character in Batman Begins, lets move on. But at the same time it was nice to include him instead of a random thug… a cool cameo.

    2) It wasnt unrealistic… remember the Joker had BILLIONS of dollars, thugs working for him, the mafia and cops working for him… he was very well resouced. As for the thugs not blowing up the innocent peoples boat and vice versa… the whole POINT of that scene was to show not every one is either black or white.. there are shades of grey even in evil or good people. Something the Joker learned the hard way

    3) … he phone tapped 20,000 people, radiated bills to get to bank robbers and used 50 AL machine guns to find out a single fingerprint on a bullet. The point was to show Batmans detectives skills FAIL to the fact that the Joker’s methods HAVE no limits

    4) I agree it was long, but i disagree that its a negative thing… I love long movies.

  2. @” I would have hated it if he was a main character”

    I’m not saying they should have made him a main character, but why put in the character if you are just gonna completely waste his presense?

  3. Not overrated

    No it wasn’t the best movie ever, and because of my unbelievably out of this world hype I was disappointed, but I did give it a B when I came out of it. It’s not perfect, but I’m not sure what’s wrong with it.

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