4 comments on “Let Me In On October 2010

  1. I have absolutely, positively no fucking interest in this film. Not even with Richard Jenkins attached to the project. The original was a classic and shouldn’t be messed with. It may be good. I just won’t be going to find out.

  2. I’m with Matt. I might not check out the original, I hate to look at the subtitles in case of horror and action movies so I might check this one out instead.

  3. As much as i hate this, and love the original….

    I am now looking forward to it

    Because i made a fan page about chloe morets (Mindy AKA Hit Girl)… and her brother added it.. and he started talking to me on FaceBook, and he said Chloe was giving the performance of a lifetime… and the fact that she was amazing in Kick-Ass kinda makes me excited for this movie

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