4 comments on “Robocop Remake On Hold

  1. I completely agree.

    Who Cares for 3D!? While I will admit that movies do tend to look cooler in the 3D (But only at the movie theatre!) Last I checked the 3D DVD’s and Blu-Rays are totally shit! They never worked for me or any of the people I’ve talked to about it.

    So why try to push for something that doesn’t need to be in 3D, or CG. Like you said “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” used very little CG (and of course no 3D lol) and they where still entertaining films.

    It’s all a matter of story in my eye’s.

    • True, i second what you said

      Only movies like Avatar demand to be seen in IMAX… Robocop doesnt really need to be 3D… unless they film it in 3006 New York with huge Dinosaurs (which i know would be awesome lol)

      I find 3D to be painful. It gives me headaches, i can go on 5 minute 3D rides but not 2 hours of 3D

  2. extremely true!
    i LOVE films and i fell in love with them before super graphics and 3D or any techno crap, yes all these developments are good and allow us to use our imaginations to create many fantasies and stories we would have never been able to before, but its not necessary at all to make a film good. they tend to go mad on these new gadgets and technologies and just plain over do it. so i got a message for directors and producers and the owners of the big movie corporations,
    keep it real!

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