2 comments on “Malkovich Confirmed As The Vulture

  1. It wasnt an argument as much as a small misunderstanding… once people go on that site for 2 secs they FEEL and KNOW how legit it is.

    But in all seriousness… everytime a blog says “John Steamos is confirmed to play young Magneto!” it means it was on IMDb for like at least a week. The movie companies tell them first before or right after its made official.

    Like in this case, i saw this being official a week ago in IMDb… NOW its getting out through John M. Its the BEST place for news… the problem is… you have to FIND it… its not in the front page saying “BREAKING NEWS!” i had to SEARCH for spider-man 4

    Remember Matt, there will be 6 movies so im sure the Lizard will come up eventually… thats why im not that worried about that (which i used to be)

    I hope that the mental image of mr Malkovich flying through New York isn as goofy as in the movie though


    You are all aware about the delay, which means theyre going over the script… so Sony wants something different then Raimi… so i wont be shocked if they call this off

  2. I wouldn’t compare IMDB to Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia’s accuracy has been measured against other encyclopedaes and found to be comprable. It’s weaker in some areas but stronger in others. I would say it’s correction procedures are superior.

    This is probably a weird tangent for a movie site. But I often like to cite wikipedia in my comments so I’ll defend it if necessary.

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