5 comments on “Sony Already Has A Screen-Play For Spider-Man Reboot

  1. I won’t say that the villains are lame. They can always make a cool villain out of something. Hopefully now they can cast Anne Hathaway as Mary Jane and I want James Marsden as Peter but he’s a little old in case they are going with the ”’teenage”’ story.


  2. I don’t think they can pull it off at all. The reboot is gonna suck. It’s going to be terrible. If they want to make a Spider-man, then I say leave Sony the hell out of the entire damn equation.

  3. Give me a break they never used up good villians,main villians people knew of yeah but not all of them if anything spiderman has more villians then any marvel hero has!

  4. If mary jane was going in it best choice is mary winstead from fd 4. Take a look at her she’s hot and flim hungry

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