12 comments on “Bay Talks Transformers 3

  1. I read about half of the script for 3 (thanks for posting it). Do you guys really think this is the script they’re going to use?
    It has all the red flags of being a fan script. Going back to the eighties, Optimus Prime saying that dig about the painted flames. I find it hard to believe that a script with this much contempt for the first two could be written by the same guy.
    I find it really improbable that their going to set the story in the 80’s. The target audience wasn’t even born then, they don’t have any nostalgia for the hooky old tv show. It reads like a fan wrote his fantasy episode of the cartoon.

    Also I don’t believe Bay would have anything to do with this script because there’s not enough contempt for women and minorities. So at best they’re going to have to do a major overhaul.

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