5 comments on “Dear Sony: You Suck.

    • Ok let me stop you right there, Sony had to do this.

      1) They NEED to keep the Spider-Man rights, so they wanted to make the movie by 2011, and Raimi said he needed another year.

      2) Sony said they only wanted 200 mil so they can have more room to make 6 spiderman movies… Raimi wanted 300

      3) Sony wanted more villains and less story, Raimi wanted the opposite.

      4) Sony wanted to please the fans and give us the bd guys we wanted, Raimi insisted on Vulture and Black Cat

      5) Sony told Raimi “DONT use Vulture, do what the fans want, they want Venom… Now dont fuck this up!” and he did.

      6) Sony said “You fucked up, were rebooting the movie” Raimi said “Fine, but if you do that im leaving” “We have to, you can do whatever you want” so he left, and Sony is now looking for a director

      Sony has been really cool about this in my opinion, they did what they had to, they had NO OTHER CHOICE.

      Sony did the best they could, but Raimi as the director was just not cooperating with Sony’s simple requests

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