5 comments on “Kick-Ass Poster For “Kick-Ass”

      • Ive said many many times, as a person that hopes to have a daughter when i get married (i hate boys, theyre fucking problem, and pretty much a troublesome mess) i wish my kid is half as cool as Mindy


      • And its weird, because one of the things that makes a movie great is when you can RELATE to a character, or understand a character, or like hm/her so much you wish she/he was real. and when you see a movie and say

        “Geez i wish that guy was my dad” (Jean Reno from “The Professional”) in my opinion, or in MANY girl’s opinion
        “I wish that was my boyfriend” ( [Edward/Jacob])

        And not only in people, but in settings (Pandora) or objects from the movie (Lightsabers) and in MY opinion…. as SOON as a movie has that HOLD of a group of people in which theyre attached and BONDED to this, the movie has SUCCEEDED.

        Not completely succeeded, but i applaud when movies succeed in CREATING something or someone that youre disappointed isnt real when you walk out of the movie


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