7 comments on “Spidey NOT to star in The Hobbit

  1. Good choice, i’d forgotten him entirely. But still prefer James Mcavoy

    at any rate, McGuire looks somewhat like Elijah Wood

    When i saw Frodo in LOTR, i would think of McGuire. So why not Bilbo.

    • And the guy just fucking lost a job, so good fit

      I would hate to be Spiderman for 3 movies then go back to doing bullshit dramas like Seabuisquit and Brothers…. now hes doing cool flicks again

      AND he might be in Robotech!


  2. This has already been proven false(again):

    “UPDATE! As predicted, the Maguire for Bilbo rumor has already been debunked. Word comes from Guillermo del Toro
    himself this time, who tells the folks at The One Ring that there’s no truth to any of it.”- From Cinema Blend.

  3. That last part is wrong. It’s not supposed to be the whole story split into two parts, it’s supposed to be The Hobbit, released in 2011 and an original script written by Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, etc, which is a story between Hobbit and Fellowship.

    Just sayin

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