2 comments on “Green Lantern Will Be More Iron Man Than Batman

  1. Yes, as in the tone of his suit, bright green. But please dun be as light as F4

    TDK is dark and successful but not all dark films are always loved like Watchmen. BTW ironman surpasses my personal comment.

    Thx for the news, look forward to the teaser.

    • Some comic book characters are dark. Some arent. Green Lantern isnt dark.

      Batman is gritty, Ironman isnt

      Im not shocked theyre comparing the vibe of the film to Ironman

      So far, it sounds like theyre making a movie that feels EXACTLY like a combination of Hellboy 2 and Star Trek.

      I base this on the villains that they announced would be in this movie (i showed them on my podcast) and the casting calls


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