11 comments on “Marc Webb Will Direct Next Spiderman Trilogy!!!!

  1. David Fincher, Ridley Scott, and a slew of others also came from the commercial world and proved capable of handling big budget features. (500) Days of Summer, though his first feature, isn’t too shabby of a flick either. Webb can handle character, the only concern is how he handles large scope action. I wouldn’t call this bullshit, but we’ll see, perhaps I’ll be eating my words.

    • I want a director that i KNOW can handle a movie of THIS magnitude.

      I wanted Ridley Scott. I just always trust him. You know, someone that has a good track record.

      Theyre treating spiderman like a freaking 1st grade experiment

      “Oh.. The horror movie director doesnt work? Lets see what happens when we put in the music video director!!”

      Spiderman is too big to be handled with such great risk, what if this guy is completely senile?

      He already said he was a fan of Ultimate Spiderman and will base the move off those comics , and every MARVEL fan knows Ultimate Spiderman is the LAST COMIC BOOK they should base a Spidey movie off of.

      Ill explain why in my next podcast


      • “Oh.. The horror movie director doesnt work? Lets see what happens when we put in the music video director!!”

        I don’t see that. They’re probably thinking, let’s bring in this fresh new director whose first feature is critically praised and brought in quite a tidy profit. Someone gifted yet still malleable enough to be manipulated by the studios.

        My point in citing Ridley was that he didn’t have a GOOD track record when he landed Alien. He came from the world of commercials, his first feature, the Duellists, didn’t do too well but based on his visual style alone he was hired for Alien, a film with eleven times the budget of Duellists. A GAMBLE that paid off and a project that propelled Scott. Sometimes you have to take that risk. The case of David Fincher seems more relevant. This is a man who also came from music videos and landed his first major gig on Alien 3- an established property with two great predecessors and a film with astronomical expectations. Of course you can argue, “Alien 3 sucked,” but you have to remember the studio, Fox, gave Fincher a raw deal. He came on board essentially without a script and had to deal with studio undermining. His next movie, Se7en, speaks for itself. Anyways, my point, as long-winded as it is, is that calling Bullshit on hiring someone with Webb’s résumé is unfair to the man. It almost seems like you’re sneering at his work. And before you get you panties in a twist, I’m sure you’re simply being overprotective of Spider-Man. I just don’t see the problem. Webb has proven himself competent behind a camera. You knew Sony was gonna hire someone fresh and inexperienced, why not someone with some talent? If there were any issue to piss and moan about it’s the fact the studio will undoubtedly be sticking their fingers in the pie. It’s a shame Webb wasn’t hired and then left alone to do his thing. That way if the reboot becomes a debacle we’ll know for certain Webb wasn’t the man for job. Worst case scenario this whole affair turns out like Fincher and Alien 3 with the studio mucking up the final product.

        As far as Ultimate Spider-Man, once announced Peter was going back to High School, you’d be a fool not to think the studio didn’t already planning to set the reboot within the Ultimate Universe. And if anyone can pull off angst ridden teenager, Webb can.

    • Ok, that is an extremely strong point.

      Probably the correct and biggest reason why he would be picked.

      They chose someone who has no experience and no swagger whatsoever, so they can rape him into making the movie THEY want.


      • /FILM and VULTURE say its confirmed that itll be a new trilogy

        But idk… well see.

        What we ARE sure about, is this dude being the director. Fuck my life.


      • The amount of movies they make depends pretty solely on the profit, I’m sure. They may say they want to make a trilogy, but if the first one is a bomb, they’ll never make a second. Inversely, if all three movies sell well, then it seems to me that they’d have no reason not to make a fourth. Nothing’s for sure.

        Been a while since I read Ultimate Spiderman. Kinda on the fence about that.

  2. I think he could be good. I hope he does a funny / romantic take on Spider-Man. Something quirky that stands apart from the super hero genre.

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