16 comments on “Batman 3 Plot Rumors Surface

  1. Matt or James,

    Why, what’s wrong with Mr Freeze? I have questionable knowledge about comic books so fill me in.

  2. Noway, that’s too unreal, too much fantasy.

    If there’s really Barbara, that means there will be Batgirl. I dun think Nolan wants someone else, except villians, like Dick Grayson, Batgirl to steal scenes from Batman.

    Penguin Nolan doesn’t like, Freeze isn’t realistic the same as Poison Ivy, Killer Croc even Bane. So i agree with those who rely on Nolan’s realism.

    Btw, I’d love to see Joker behind bars in Arkham Asylum with a psychologist Dr. Harleen Quinzel going in and out some time.

    I love Arkham.

    • Well, it does say that he wouldn’t be Mr. Freeze, but Dr. Fries(before his accident). And, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Barbara Gordon in TDK as Jim’s wife. So she wouldn’t be Batgirl.

      It also says that Grayson wouldn’t become Robin, but there is still a chance that Nolan won’t direct and the studio may bring in that character.

      I do agree on bringing The Joker back with Harley Quinn.

      Regardless, I still say this is BULLSHIT.

      • Yes but at first I thought Gordon’s daugher was to play Batgirl as she did in the animated series, TNBA and so on (a much younger version of course). There had been many versions of Batgirl but it can’t be this old poor Gordon’s wife. Wondering what else she could be?

        Gordon’s daughter is Hannah Gunn and this name never appeared to belong to any of the Batgirl characters. Can her name be changed to Barbara instead?

  3. *************major spoilers, inside info**********
    everyone must remember two things first off when david nolan made the dark knight he knew he was making a sequal also chris nolan always likes to stay ahead of the audience also this is chris nolan’s batman world and not the comic world he is directing so there are some major differences,but because of heath ledgers death some tweaks were made. I received so much good info from my source i don’t know where to start but here we go.

    the movie starts about a year after the dark knight, batman is now a wanted criminal because of this wayne has shut down batman temporarily and is working at wayne trying to do good with medical research and not military research.
    during this time period gotham is again in chaos but a controlled chaos led by semi gangster oswald copplepot called the penguin (has not yet been casted) because of his stature. he is a arms dealer and controls all crime but is also very political and yes he will have a weaponized umbrella that we will see throughout the film but only used at the end. here’s where it gets interesting

    the riddler is definitely in the film and has already been casted. this was the suprise news i received. chris nolan already snuck him in the last film. He was the man named coleman reese, in the dark knight he finds batmans identity. he was snuck in as a easter egg,get it coleman reese-Mr.Reese-Mysteries. in this film he will call himself the man of mysteries. they will show a backstory about his life being ruined and the loss of his family because of the joker threat.he ends up being a murderer highly sophisticated almost like from the movie saw. he is physically a nobody and will have no physical confrontation with batman in the entire film but he will kind of be batmans mental superior and tormenter since he also know batmans identity. at all his murder scenes he will leave behind riddles that appear to make no sense to the murder till the end. the riddles are not riddles to the murder but to batmans identity as bruce wayne. he signs his riddles with the term the man of mysteries, he gets the name riddler from the joker who he sends letters to at arkham. the joker in this movie receives the riddles signed ? before the murders happen.

    the joker is in this film, originally he was to escape but because of heath’s death they found a new way to add him in the film which makes total sense. he will be a patient at arkham and in the “realistic” world that they are trying to create he will wear no makeup and will just have sever scars on his face from my source(paul bettany was offered the role ). once they realize that he is receiving the same riddles before the murders the city sends in Dr Harleen Quinn i hate to say this but my source says sarah michelle geller will take the part. Dr quinn and joker will have a hannibal lector-clarece type relationship at first until the joker pretty much drives her insane but unlike the comics she ends up killing him at the end and takes on his persona.

    also mr freeze will be in the movie as dr.fries, he is being set up for a 4th batman movie along with harley quinnn. Dr fries works for wayne enterprises as a medical scientist but because of his dying wife begins doing cryogenic research on animals, near the end of the film he will end up perfecting it on animals and will end up experimenting on a human, Lucious Fox head of wayne enterpriese, yes unfortunately morgan freeman is killed in this film, dr fries ends up being caught and convicted for the criminally insane and is sent to arkham.

    batman will end up coming out of retirement in the first half of the movie, throughout the beginning he will be bashed by the papers and the news while penguin will kinda be looked upon as a savior who got rid of the freaks. Bruce Wayne understands what he’s done from the last 2 movies and will now turn a blind eye to criminals like the penguin since gangsters will just replace gangsters. but when the man of mysteries aka the riddler is committing murders he decides he will try to stop the freaks, also after a couple riddles he learns that they lead to his identity being released. the main plot between him and the riddler is when he starts trying to beat the cops to the riddles and him and the riddler get into a mental cat and mouse game. the mayor of gotham will end up asking the penguin to hunt down the batman, he will offer him immunity for past crimes and also legitimize the penguins business interests.

    the movie will end with batman at arkham trying to get to the joker so he can figure out the riddler, harley quinn will kill the joker before this. the penguins goons find out he is at arkham and try to use excessive force in getting to him but end up damaging arkham to the point everyone is freed from his cell. the mayor of gotham will eventually quarantine the entire island and cut it off, so the fourth film will have batman with mr freeze,harley quinn and all the crazies on the island while the riddler and penguin will be in gotham. the fourth film from what i hear will definitely be the last.

    don’t worry robin is not in the movie, bruce wayne will go to a circus show and just mention that little dick grayson glides like a “robin” and also barbara gordon will oversee and here her father and batman speaking to each other and will bring up a curiosity but definitely no batgirl. it seems though there is a chance we may see a batgirl in the fourth film.

      • from silence of the lambs, if this whole story is true its not bad i would definitely watch, and its kinda believable because i think they would stick with the major bad guys, i would say only about 25% of batman followers know who hush and black mask are they want the audience to be involved so they should stick to the old school villians

  4. ok the obvious choice for the next set of villians is the royal flush gang. it would be well timed as the gotham is looking better, batman is being hunted, and it also gives bruce wayne a rival in king. lots of things could be discussed with them as the villians, plus they have not been used before which be a nice change of pace. just like batman begins was if ras al goul and scarecrow. dont get me wrong heath as joker was awesome and a necessity in a batman movie. but i like the idea of change. and what great villians the Royal Flush Gang would bring.

    • Lmao The what gang? ive never heard of them. but the riddler is a must, as long as Dr Freeze stays out


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