2 comments on “Is Avatar 2 Already In Pre-Production?

  1. of course Avatar doesn’t need a sequal! The story was complete once Jake Sully
    …transferred his life into his perminent Na’vi body in the end. So the title Avatar 2 won’t even make sense! The sequal is only for money making, like all sequals.

    I agree with you that Alita should be filmed next. I too have been waiting for over half a decade to see this thing go into production. Cameron, while he does have a high standard of quality to his films, takes an exhaustingly long time to get things done.

    • I agree that the movie COULD stand on its own and doesnt need a sequel

      BUT apparently hes got a kick ass story and its relevant to the first movie

      IN THAT CASE, i welcome a sequel.

      It doesnt need to be called AVATAR 2 either. They can call it anything.


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