10 comments on “Avatar Is The First Film To Gross Over 2 Billion

  1. I really don’t think long hair is a good look for the guy. Maybe if he grew an epic beard to go along with it.

  2. they made that much because of people paying an extra 3 dollars for 3-D and because movie theatre prices have doubled in the past two years. Thats the only fucking reason it made that much money not because it was super good.!!!

  3. Apparently most of these countries where Avatar is a huge hit don’t even have 3-D or Imax.

    And if it’s just a matter of inflated ticket prices then how come no film had reached the 600 million domestic mark since Titanic. It’s not like Avatar is the first movie to play in Imax or in 3-D

    Opening weekend records get broken every year. But somehow Titanic’s total box office record remained intact for 12 years. I’m not the biggest fan of the movie but you’ve got to admit that Cameron knows how to strike a cord with audiences around the globe.

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