3 comments on “Podcast With Aaron And James Part 1

  1. I finally got a hold of the podcast, and here are the things I thought I should mention:
    1)Keep the podcasts going, as many as you people can.
    2)Does anybody else know that Jackie Earle Haley is in Shutter Island?
    3)I didn’t know there was another trailer after the Inception teaser, I just saw it and FUCK this movie is going to be so awesome and from the 1 and half minute trailer I think it would be Dicaprio’s best performance to date.
    4)I thought Up In The Air was really really good and it deserves the Best Picture award.
    5)I don’t know why everyone around likes Pixar movies so much, I like them but not as much. I actually think they are a little overrated, but that’s just me.
    6)I hated every movie with Kate Winslate(except The Holiday) and that goes for Titanic too.
    7) The Depp and Dicaprio movie is known as Who’s Eating Gilber Grape, it was awesome. Just sayin’.

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