8 comments on “James, Eric and Aaron Do A Podcast

  1. -Aaron and Eric, Tobey Maguire? Aw hell no.
    -James, Logan Lerman is quite good. I saw him in 3 movies, so I won’t be disappointed if he DOES get cast.
    -Thor is going to be epic ’cause Kat Dennings is in it, okay I’m kidding.
    -And as much as I want to see more Rorschach, I don’t think a prequel or sequel is a good idea.

    • I think he was FANTASTIC in 3:10 to Yuma. I would have talked about how shocked i was with his performance in that movie, if Aaron or a Eric had seen it.

      I thought Bale and Crowe would be good, which they were, but that kid surprised me. Hes a wonderful up and comer

      Peter Parker? Im sorry. But no.

      • Yeah 3:10 to Yuma was a fantastic movie and Bale and Crowe was fantastic as always, I was surprised by how good Ben Foster and Lerman was. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make, I saw his character in Gamer and it was a different one from 3:10, and judging by that performance I’m saying that he would make a good Peter Parker. Just my opinion though.

        And I’m still pissed that I cannot listen to the other podcast.

  2. James, not to beat a dead horse. But your remarks against Marc Webb remind me of the movie blog constant and baseless attacks on Neil Blomkamp.

    He’s a successful director. Where do you get off saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing? I didn’t even like 500 Days but it was an interesting debut and I think he could be a good fit.



      I never said HE doesnt know what hes doing, im saying SONY doesnt. Clearly.

      “Webb doesnt know what hes doing” is a statement that only stands if he decides to base a movie on Ultimate Spiderman. And NOT call it a spoof.

      I think the WORLD of Marc Webb, i think 500 days of summer was really good, i really do. But my point is: I wish Sony would have gotten someone like Mathew Vaughn (who was READY to jump at spiderman if offered to him)

      I think its AWESOME his first movie was good. And im thrilled that the only movie he has ever done did well. But i still wish that they would have chosen a more fitting director.


  3. @ Ps. i love Neil Blonkman, but he as well has only done ONE MOVIE.

    well I guess directing films doesn’t count unless you’ve done 5 or 6. When Matt Vaughn signed up for X-Men he’d only directed one film as well.

    Surely the worth of a director is better measured by examining the work they’ve done and not by counting how many films are on their resume.

    And I thought you guys liked John and Rodney. But if you don’t like being compared to them stop acting in a way that makes the comparison valid.

    Sorry if I misquoted you from the podcast. It was kind of hard to hear.

    • No, i never said he wasnt a good director, i think Blonkman and Webb are good directors.
      Blonkman is better in my book.

      all i said, was that hes too inexperienced to carry such an important franchise. One movie? cmon. You can NEVER tell how good a director is because of one movie. Im sure Uwe Boll has one good movie as well.

      It doesnt even matter, because Marc Webb wont be dictating anything, itll just be Sony telling him what to do.

      I like a lot of things, doesnt mean i can be compared to them.

      I dont even KNOW what Neil Blonkman argument youre talking about. Im assuming people at TMB said Neil Blonkman sucks, and you disagreed? If thats true, then im sorry, but we had nothing to do with it. I personally like Neil Blonkman

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